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As you know homes that are vacant for more than 30 days are most likely not covered by standard home owner policies. This is a major issue and one that most Personal Representatives are not aware of. It has been found that families carry 80% of there wealth in real estate. To have that asset uninsured could be tragic. I have found a insurance agent that can solve this problem with a Vacant House policy – month to month.. I am passing this information along to you because I want to become your “go to” real estate agent for probate clients.


See this article on vacant homes not covered –

Why in the world would you use me over any other agent? Because this is what I do! I DO NOT need baby sitting and I understand the in’s and out’s of the process. I can prepare home sellers and answer many questions that they have, leaving you to do what you do and not worry about the sale of the home asset. I will prepare CMA’s, deliver by hand the listing contracts to your office when I get them and hold the customers hand through the process.

As you know many PR’s live out of the area. When there is real estate in the probate, they usually come and take the family heirlooms but are left with an entire home full of contents that they have no idea what to do with. I call this “Probate Quicksand”. Here is where I come in…….

I or one of my team members will advertise and hold an estate sale, auction off the items and give the proceeds to the family. Our clean out crews will dispose of the rest – if that is the families wishes. If necessary we have contractors and handyman services to fix up any needed items, pressure wash and clean the home up in order to get the maximum dollars in the sale. A out of town P.R. could take days to find a responsible crew to do this work. Many of the people we help never even leave their home and we never meet them. We have a notary service that will deliver all of the documents at closing.

What if there are collector items in the estate the family wishes to sell. I have this situation now with a client who inherited a home full of collector dolls. One of the people we contact in this case is Dale Smrekar at 813-244-4160. He is a downsizing specialist and specializes in appraising, buying and selling these types of items.

What if one of the remaining family members needs to be relocated after the death of a loved one – We have associates that handle that, such as “House to Home Relocation” or Barbara Marshall – 727-385-4746.

What if you have a vehicle they would like to sell? We buy the car at fair market value or have one of our services give a cash price- “” is one of our companies.

What if the heir does not have any money to care for the property and wants to sell it. In todays market I can sell a home as fast as they can wholesale it. There is no need to sell for .70 cents on the dollar. I’ll list it and sell it in the same amount of time for all the money.

Certified Personal Property Appraiser – Dale Smrekar – 813-244-4160
Auction Companies – -Carol  727-481-8915 35% Provides everything
Clean out king 727-251-4540
Charity Pick up service – St.Justin Martin Catholic Church
Need a CMA – call me
Downsizing and relocation services available

Alex P Williams
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