What a Tax Strategist Might Teach You – Alex P Williams

by Paul More

What a Tax Strategist Might Teach You

I hired the same tax strategist/CPA who saves Ed over $100k annually. He has saved me a boatload of taxes as well. My tax strategist teaches his clients…

…about the importance of direct investment in real estate. No more REITs for me!
…about the power of cost segregation studies. Super-charge your depreciation schedule and receive negative K-1s for years.
…how to treat cash flow as return of capital rather than distributions of profit.
…how to defer taxes through a 1031 exchange.
…how to reset your asset basis to zero at the time of inheritance, allowing heirs to pay zero at the time of inheritance and possibly at a later sale.
…how to “partner with the IRS” to use self-directed Roth and SEP IRAs, qualified retirement plans, and other tax savings to pay as little tax as possible.
…how to avoid passive loss limitations by qualifying as a “real estate professional” according to IRS guidelines.
…how to discern the difference between regular and semi-boneless ham. (Not really—I just want to see who was skimming this article and who really wants to save on their taxes.)

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